We are currently finalizing the world’s first professional certification for agile internal audit experts, the Certified Agile Auditor (CAA). The aim of the CAA is to foster internal audit change by facilitating a shift in the mindset of individuals with the abilities and willingness to explore the largely uncharted territory of agile internal audit practice.

The CAA is the premier agile audit certification and covers the following knowledge areas:
– Agile frameworks
– Innovation/creativity
– Agile Risk Management
– Internal audit processes
– Agile tools
– Change management

The CAA certification will also help establish a body of knowledge that allows to better explore, categorize, compare, and ultimately adopt & adapt agile frameworks used for internal audit processes.

You can visit the CAA certification’s credential website at the following link: https://www.credential.net/group/142835?_ga=2.22873912.284611256.1562670469-737889778.1562670469

Please see the following presentation for the set up of the AICAA’s CAA certification programme:


The Certified Agile Audit Coach (CAAC) certification programme will be the benchmark for agile internal audit coaches. It is a signal that demonstrates the unique mix of competencies in agile frameworks, internal audit processes, and coaching techniques fine-tuned for the internal audit profession. Transforming an internal audit department is a human change process that needs time and energy and can be greatly supported by skilled coaches. The Certified Agile Audit Coach (CAAC) certification will support Chief Audit Executives in finding the expert coaches they need for their agile transformation: experts with that rare mix of audit, agile and coaching skill sets.

Become one of the first Certified Agile Auditors or Certified Agile Audit Coaches! Enter your name on the AICAA’s certification interest list and be informed as soon as the certification programmes are launched. Simply send an email with your name to academy@aicaa.org.