There are numerous agility coaches, however our experience shows that there are only few coaches who combine a thorough understanding of coaching skills with agility and internal audit process competencies. The AICAA is therefore happy to provide a pool of Certified Agile Audit Coaches (CAAC), highly skilled agile audit coaches who are happy to facilitate your internal audit transformation. There is no general agile solution that fits every organization – our certified coaches will help you to ‚go agile‘ in a sustainable way that suits your stakeholders, team members and avoids common pitfalls on the agile transformation journey.

The Certified Agile Audit Coach (CAAC) certification programme will be launched in autumn 2019. Please stay tuned for its launch. If you are in need of an agile audit coach before that point in time, don’t hesitate to contact the AICAA and we will link you up with an agile audit coach of our network.

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